Getting JavaScript challenge when trying to access WP with IndieAuth Plugin

I am trying to access my WP sites with an external app using the IndieAuth plugin. When I try to login with that plugin from my external app, the login screen on wp-admin has Cloudflare: Attention Required!. This plugin uses OAuth to authenticate with the IndieAuth standard.

I have whitelisted my IP address, created Firewall rules, Page rules, but it doesn’t matter what I do, I get this error when trying to login and even in the Manage Tokens section of the settings in that particular plugin.

Apparently it is a JavaScript challenge but I am not sure why I am getting it. I was able to successfully login to both my sites using the plugin on the 25th but have not been able to since. Screenshots attached.

I also have the WordFence Security plugin installed but I have deleted and uninstalled it and that doesn’t help with this error. I am not sure if an update to the IndieAuth plugin made the attempted logins trigger an IP flag by CloudFlare but this is really frustrating and not sure where to turn.

I’m really not sure which part of Cloudflare could be causing this. Everything you’re showing in your post is in WordPress. Who created the app “Attention Required! | Cloudflare”? And where did they create it? I didn’t consider the Cloudflare Captcha page to be an app. Normally it’s triggered by a Firewall Rule, or suspicious access.

The app is not a Cloudflare app. The app I’m trying to login with is iA Writer that uses the IndieAuth plugin for authentication.

Each time I try to login Cloudflare blocks access.

If it’s blocking access to your own website, you should see the event in Firewall Logs. Hopefully that will indicate which rule was triggered.

I’ll check this today.

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