Getting it to work with NO-IP

My domains are .com’s and one is for example: Goravani
Other 2 domains are: JyotishStudio and ReadMyAstrology

I expect to see my pages when I browse their URL but I am getting “It works” for two of them and on the most important one, Goravani, I am getting error 522, can’t connect.

I ran diagnostics on Goravani and it said I am missing a few DNS records, but I don’t think they are required, one is a DS record, and the other had a long name like DSSNC or something… I clicked the button to resolve both but that just took me back to the dashboard and the problem was still reported when I ran it again.

Otherwise diagnostics says that the site or server is not responding. It said that on a few of the tests.

I know that the “It works” message is an Apache default site page coming up. It is most odd, because my Apache is all set up, and was working for over a year, until I got a new cert from Certbot. That blew away my apache and I had to reinstall and reconfigure. After that I tested and the sites were being served albeit with security warnings as the cert is expired. I have today opted for Cloudflare to get the flexible SSL coverage it offers.

It’s most odd because my 3 sites given above are all set up identically. They are all 3 registrar’d with GoDaddy, and then now the Name Servers have been updated to be Cloudflare’s names…

I use NO-IP. This has been working for over a year until today when I switched to Cloudflare.

I gave Cloudflare the IP that no-ip assigned to my sites. Is that correct to do? It actually sensed it and took it in on it’s own… I didn’t have to give it, it already knew it. That IP is {redacted}

I am using a Mac Server with Apache, MAMP PRO to manage apache, virtual hosts in apache, this has all been working fine for over a year, until today, well until I got a new cert a couple days ago… but I checked and my server was serving until I did this thing with Cloudflare today.

Note that I have another site,, that I have on a Linux server with Apache, and I put that one through Cloudflare and it works fine. So I have experience of Cloudflare working fine also. And that site was set up just like these others… registrar GoDaddy, name servers pointed to Cloudflare and then everything just worked perfectly. What I am experiencing today is most unusual.

The difference between that successful site and today is that the latter is hosted on my Mac server at home and goes through NO-IP to get here. My GoDaddy name servers WERE pointing at NO-IP’s name servers… I switched them to Cloudflare… and pointed Cloudflare to my IP address given by NO-IP for my domains. Is that correct to do? It actually did it itself, Cloudflare sensed it somehow and took in that IP address as the address of my sites, which is correct so far as I understand.

I actually think I understand how this all works, enough to set it up. I think it should be working now, but alas I am not getting my pages.

The fact that two of them give the default Apache page tends to say that I have ANOTHER apache running on my server that is catching the traffic and displaying that default startup welcome page. But I disabled the default Apache that comes with the Mac. It was not causing any issues previously, but when I got a new cert the other day it seemed to activate that built in (comes with Mac) apache copy. I have today disabled it. But yet it seems like it is still catching traffic. I don’t get that. I disabled it by putting a bogus line at it’s start and verified that it is seeing it as bogus, it comes up with a fault now… bad line… when you test the syntax of the HTTPD config. So that should now be disabled just fine. But yet two of my sites come up with it’s default page. I have rebooted the server since making these changes.

I registered my sites with Cloudflare over 4 hours ago and am still having these problems. I do believe that’s a long enough wait for DNS to go through. It only took a short time for the one site I did successfully with Cloudflare… the one that is Linux based. And two of my 3 sites are coming up with SSL Padlocks when you browse them, indicating to me that the Flexible Plan SSL I have with Cloudflare is now working… one of the three sites comes up insecure, which is odd… they are all set up the exact same way with GoDaddy and Cloudflare and NO-IP, so they should behave the same, but they are not.

This is a long and perhaps rambling post… I don’t know how to shorten it… there are a number of factors involved with my setup, namely GoDaddy first, then NO-IP, then Cloudflare,. but in my mind they should work together pretty easily. Perhaps I am missing a key ingredient.

I saw a Cloudflare support document on “Dynamic IP” and it seemed to suggest that there are some things I have to do since I’m using that… but in my mind there should not be any issues… Cloudflare has the IP address of my sites… provided by NO IP, that should work. The article talked about passing on changes to my address to Cloudflare but that’s what NO IP does… they track my changing address and supply a fixed address for me to use,… Cloudflare doesn’t need to know my changing address like when I move from one apartment to another, from one ISP to another,… NO IP tracks that, and routes it through that fixed address they give me which Cloudflare already has.

To sum it up, I am a person using GoDaddy, NO IP and Cloudflare in unison. As far as I know this should work but it is not. My setup worked for over a year with NO IP and my server’s settings. Nothing has been changed, only routed through Cloudflare today and now my sites don’t come up correctly.

Any input anyone can give me is most appreciated.

Sincerely, {redacted}

Is Cloudflare allowed to connect to your router?
Is your ISP allowing to use desired port for your web server/web app?
How about the SSL certificate? Is it expired or valid one?
Which SSL option are you using under the SSL/TLS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name?

Is Cloudflare allowed to connect to your router?

To respond to this, I have to say a few things. First, I don’t know if you can control what IP number CF is pointed at. I haven’t seen that as a field I can edit. It grabbed the public IP that NO IP assigned to my sites. I thought that was correct. I don’t know how to find out the IP of my router. Otherwise, if you could edit that field, then I’m sure pointing CF at my router would be possible, if I knew it’s number.

Is your ISP allowing to use desired port for your web server/web app?

Yes, my ISP doesn’t lock any ports. I am port forwarding the necessary ports to the server as well, Like I said, the server has been working great for well over a year, so I do know how to do the basics when things are working.

How about the SSL certificate? Is it expired or valid one?

I have expired and valid SSL certs installed. When I go that CERT WAY, then I don’t need CF. I am using CF for the SSL feature.

Which SSL option are you using under the SSL/TLS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name?

I am using the Flexible method of SSL with CF.

I am willing to pay a consultant for helping me solve these problems. I have exhausted my own knowledge base on this matter.

I have tried going 2 ways to get SSL… one is by using Certbot. The other is by using CF. Neither are working. Certbot used to work for me on my Mac Server at home, it worked great for well over a year. I am working with NO-IP for DNS. I suspect that is what is blocking CF from working… it’s NO-IP. Because I have used CF successfully one time, with a site I have on a Linux server. It was easy.

With the Certbot method a weird chain of events happened that made everything go to offline. It’s too long to detail here, but it has to do with there being two apache installations on my Mac. I liked it when Certbot was working for me, it was great.

I would like it if someone video controlled my server and worked on these problems. I think CF is hopeless, so I’m leaning towards Certbot. But is there another way to get SSL? I suppose there is.

I just want SSL. That’s my aim. I had it but it stopped working when I got a new cert from Certbot. Long story all the details.

Please contact me on here or offline

I don’t know if there’s a private message capability on this forum, but if there is, use that.

I am in Florida USA. Time Zone -5, I only speak English

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