Getting in touch with a website owner hosted by CF

One of the contractors working for our company posted a negative comment about our vendor on a website hosted by CloudFlare. We didn’t approve it or even knew of it. Now that vendor is suing us and we were asked to remove the comment. The contractor has no problem requesting it from the website it was originally posted on, but received no responses, we did the same but also nothing came back. By using whois we saw that the website has masked all its contact information. Further investigation helped to figure out that it is hosted by Cloud Flare. Now we are trying to get in touch with the site support/owners using Cloud Flare help. We’ve even filed an abuse complain with CF, but would really love to talk to a human being here. Our company is being heavily penalized for a stupidity of our contractor and incurring big legal fees for no reason.

Anyone can help?

This has moved into legal territory, so I suggest you get your attorney(s) to contact Cloudflare.

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