Getting hourly data from Analytics


Is it possible to use the API / panel to retrieve information about the hour of traffic on the website? We’ve noticed increased traffic on the site since Thursday and would like to know a more accurate start time.

That graph is the 1 week view. You’ve probably noticed that you can get a 24-hour view, but that only goes back one day.

It sounds like you want a 24 hour view from several days ago. That would be a nice feature to be able to move the graph back a few days, but it’s not set up that way.

You’l have to make a bunch of API calls to get slices of data within that time range:

EDIT: The API docs make it look like you do it in one call, but the output looks aggregated for that timeframe. I haven’t tried this analytics via API process, so I don’t know what the output data will really look like.