Getting health check emails for server ips that I don't own anymore

I am getting email UP/DOWN notifications to servers I don’t operate anymore. They used to be behind a load balancer that is no longer live.

The emails say:

But there are no email settings in my notifications. I suspect these settings are behind the paywalled LB dashboard. I don’t feel like paying to just get access to these notifications settings.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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I was able to see the LB in domain. And there are logs for Mar 29, 2024 15:39:26.

Could you explain further regarding servers that you don’t operate any more ?

You can proceed to check health check - Available Notifications · Cloudflare Notifications docs.


Thank you for your reply. I have not been paying for a load balancer on Cloudflare for close to two years.

I used to have an Oracle instance in Asia that I decommissioned a few months ago, which used to be behind a Cloudflare load balancer. I suspect Oracle has reused the ip address and the LB & notifications got persisted somehow.

Just to reiterate, I discontinued the load balancer subscription almost two years ago.

Thank you for your assistance again!

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Adding a screenshot where you can see that I have no way to edit or remove the LB from the DNS dashboard.

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We will need more details to investigate this issue.
Could you create a ticket and provide me the number?

Thank you

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