Getting hCaptcha on my static IP - looking for someone who can check my IP address

I have a Class C of IP addresses - one of them is getting hit with the hCaptcha each time someone visits a Cloudflare site.

The IP has about 30 users behind it, but I can’t see any sign of Malware, spam or anything else that would trigger the block.

I have checked project Honeypot, we don’t have any hits there. I have checked a couple of common blacklist checks - no hits there either.

I have two concerns - if we ARE infected I want to know what we are spreading around, and I also want to stop my users getting hit with the Cloudflare Captcha.

Last night when I was googling the problem someone on this forum was able to direct another user having the same problem to a webpage they would not be able to access and then look up their IP to confirm why they are blocked - but I can’t find that forum post now.

If anyone can do that for me I would greatly appreciate it!

I think that was from @domjh, but it’s late in his time zone right now.

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Hey, yes - late here!

Yes, if you go to and LMK when you visited, I can check the range of the threat score being assigned to the request to see if that could be the cause.

Note: This does share your IP with me so only proceed if you’re happy with that.

I suspect this is the relevant topic you saw, @clayton.lee?

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Thanks @domjh - I hit it at 22:58:10 UTC, IP ends in 131.

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I can say that your thread score is between 15 and 24 so any websites with a security level setting on Cloudflare of Medium or higher would challenge your requests.

This may help:

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Thanks for checking for me.

Is there anywhere I can get more information about what Cloudflare uses to generate my threat score?

Not really. If Cloudflare published that, then threat actors will be looking for even more ways to game the system.

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