Getting error "wp is not defined" with rocket loader

It does not cause visual errors, yet… Any idea how to fix it? rocket loader is helping pretty much, I don’t want to disable it.

Hi @forusak, am I reading that correctly? If you disable rocket loader, the error goes away? If that first option is not desirable, try one of these approaches to turn Rocket Loader off for resources that are buggy with Rocket Loader:

  1. Turn off Rocket Loader at > Speed > Rocket Loader > Off
  2. Create a page rule to turn Cloudflare off on affected pages.
  3. Set Rocket Loader to Manual and add a true flag to your JavaScript tags.
  4. Set Rocket Loader to Auto and add the false flag to the scripts.

Edit: Link to wpbakery search thread, some similar issues as food for thought,

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Sorry I was wrong, errors are present without rocket loader too

Can you share the name of the domain?

Do u have add-on/extention in the browser u r testing. Can you disable all browser add-on/extenstion and see if this particular error still showing.

I thought I shouldn’t be solving this here since Cloudflare is not the cause. Those errors have something to do with gutenberg plugin.I just have to find out why.

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