Getting error when I add CNAME record

Previously, I had added my site on Cloudflare and it was hosting with other hosting. Today, I changed hosting and I deleted my site from Cloudflare but I forgot to delete CNAME record.
Now, I have added the site on Cloudflare again. But, I’m getting error when I try to add CNAME record.
Below is the screenshot:

How can I solve this issue.
Thank you

The record already exists. Rather than trying to recreate it you may just want to edit the existing one. Or delete the existing one first and then add a new one.

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Thanks for your reply.
I have already deleted CNAME record.
Thank you

But an A record exists for www . You can’t have both an A record and CNAME record for the same value.


I got it, I have added CNAME record with www and A record with domain name.
Thanks for your help.