Getting error on my dashboard

API Request Failed: GET /api/v4/accounts/3a47a4b6ffbb544ab05a3498cd6d81d0/registrar/domains/ (502)

Now I do not see the domain registrar on my dashboard


In top right side, there is Registrar menu

Domain Registeratoion: registrar unknown

Clear cookies and try after few mins.

Sometimes when quickly navigating it may block.

So be patient while using dashboard.

Registrar: unknown means it is not registered with Cloudflare.

What exactly you wanted to do?

If you have recently transferred, allow it sometimes.

I purchased thru cloud flare few days back, now I see

Domain Registration



Manage domain

The domain exists on Cloudflare’s DNS servers, but it’s not registered; VeriSign, the registry, has no knowledge of its existence. You should open a support ticket and attempt to re-register the domain name. Also, double-check that any charges to your credit card from Cloudflare went through; you may want to check the billing area.

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Please follow instructions in this article and contact Support to help you out with this issue.

Very strange, I was charged on my credit card for the domain registration on sep 7th, and it worked till Sep9th

In theory, that can happen with some registrars if there’s a chargeback or the charge otherwise fails–I don’t know how Cloudflare handles such situations; I just know it’s possible. That’s within the grace deletion period from the com TLD, so it’s technically possible to cancel the registration at that point. Only Cloudflare’s support team will be able to give you an exact reason, so you should definitely contact them via the link that @zein provided.

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