Getting error : not entitled to use advanced Geo IPs in expression, at index: 0

Hi there,

While trying to do some changes with the firewall I stumbled upon this error with a red banner at the bottom of the browser : “not entitled to use advanced Geo IPs in expression, at index: 0”. I have also added a screenshot of the issue. Basically I cannot change anything, modify any rules or expressions, delete old expressions or add new ones.

What could be the reason of this ? It also appears that a “ghost” of the previous rules and expressions are overwriting the current rules. What I mean is that it shows me the rule in place for the past few weeks, but some ASN that used to be rule and which are not now, seem to be active. I have also a status “Unknown” when I check each rules while it should be “Challenge” or “Block” or “Javascript Challenge”.

Thanks a lot for the help ! This is the first time it happens to me,

Did you downgrade your Cloudflare plan?

It is best you open a support ticket about that issue.

Non I did not upgrade nor downgrade to another cloudflare plan. I will open a ticket, you are correct.

You are not alone, same issue here.
I opened a request and now i`m wainting. When cloudflare give a feedback i will post here.

Great to know !.. In a way :slight_smile:
When I have a reply I will put it here as well.

I cannot reproduce that issue.

So you cannot even remove a rule? Any rule? Can you post an example?

But anyhow, you’ll need to wait for support.

It doesn’t seem to be any rule. Only those which reference values from ip.geoip.

not entitled to use advanced Geo IPs in expression, at index: 0

When Creating a Firewall rules This Problem pops up with red color down line

And seems to apply only to Free plans (possibly Pro). @now7765, simply refer in your ticket to this thread.

Indeed it only affects Free Plan, and yes cannot change anything. I am awaiting for the support’s reply as well.

No it is for all the rules, not just ip.geoip, I have only a rule affecting russia and china, and when trying to remove them I have the issue as well. I have also the red banner for rules that do not contain geo ip.

are you solved because i have same problem please help me if any solution you find

Other rules seem to work just fine.

Can you post a screenshot of what does not work?

Same here!
Free plan, when i try to create or edit a rule it shows me the red banner and the message “not entitled to use advanced Geo IPs in expression, at index: 0”.
Will open a ticket and reply here asap.

These are all io.geoip, so other expressions seem to work.

But Pro is apparently included here as well.

Again, this is something only support can address. You best open support tickets, so that support is aware of the issue.

Same here, also on a Pro plan.

No need to confirm the issue. It is clear there is an issue :slight_smile:

It appears as if it had been fixed.

yes it has been fixed !
Glad I was not the only one though and much props to CF support for fixing this swiftly.

What is the solution