Getting error Not authorized from a third-party application, it seems to be a host problem

I’m using easycron to create a cronjob and there I’m getting the next error:

Can anyone help me to solve this? It seems to be a a problem form host.

The other jobs have a 200 result. Can you scroll up and show us (or just tell us) the response code? It’s probably a 4xx.

Most likely. That should show up in the server logs at your host.

All of the jobs have 200 result but at the end of the log it says “No authorized”, i conteacted the plugin support and they told me “Please contact your host to fix it.”

So that’s why I’m trying to get some help.


But Cloudflare is not your host. It’s just a proxy between your host and your visitors.

Ohh ok ok thank you! Then I’ll try to contact my host and see if they can help me to solve. Thanks a lot.

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