Getting error messages each time i try updating my dns on cloudflare


hi guys.
I’m using AWS Route 53 and the NS record looks accurate, with a TTL of 1 day. When I do a Whois lookup, it is showing all AWS name servers. Ive rechecked name servers multiple times. I’m just stuck and now sure what to do or check next to get this working. My website still appears to be working fine for right now. Please help! Thanks.


If you’re using Route 53 for your domain, then that should be the authoritative name server for your domain and you won’t be using Cloudflare.

NS records generally don’t apply to Cloudflare, since Cloudflare does the NS records for you. You’d need to go to your registrar and change the WHOIS info to use Cloudflare’s name servers, and not Route 53.

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