Getting error in speed test

We were not able to run test for
Before you run another test, check the URL is correct, the server is responding, and the firewall is not blocking requests. (Status code: 403) , getting error in speed test please help sir

The 403 is likely due to the test site being challenged when visiting your site as a bot.

Check your security events log here for the reason why the request was challenged or blocked…

please check my domain

You can see the request was challenged by Bot Fight Mode. If you are on a free plan you’ll need to disable Bot Fight Mode as it can’t be bypassed with a WAF rule.

If you are on a paid plan, Super Bot Fight Mode can be be skipped with a WAF rule.

where to find bot find mode and how to disable

one last question

is there any setting in cloudflare for Google SEO which will help in google ranking

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