Getting error in DNS propogation

Why dns is not propogating it have tried after 24 hrs but nothing happened so I again removed and added the domain but still same please fix this issue

Also checked under dnscheckerorg website for NS propogation but still same after 24 hrs

  1. Freenom (.TK)'s authoritative DNS servers, when queried directly, do not give any delegation for the ONFLIP.TK domain.
    The ONFLIP.TK domain does not to exist in the DNS system.

  2. When asking Freenom’s WHOIS server, for the domain ONFLIP.TK, Freenom responds:
    The domain you requested is not known in Freenoms database.

If ONFLIP.TK is really the correct domain (and that you haven’t mistyped it), then you will need to head over to Freenom, and ask them for further assistance.

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