Getting error for one site on domain of Wordpress multisite, rest are fine

We have a Wordpress multisite with domain mapping and SSL on Cloudflare.

Our main domain and SSL work as expected.

All the other domains that are different domain names, but mapped to a subdomain of our main site, work as expected. (example, )

About July 3rd one of our domains (with multiple sub domains) just stopped serving pages with SSL and we get an error of: ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH

But, from everything I can tell, all the software is the same, all the domains are setup the same. I would expect ALL the sites under the mutlisite to have an error, on just one in particular. Help!

Can you post a full page screenshot of the SSL/TLS app of that particular domain?

Would it be helpful if I wrote out all the settings?

Thats what I meant by full page screenshot :wink:

So I just got help from support at Cloudflare (that was actually pretty fast!)

They just ordered me a new certificate for the site and it all seems to be working now.

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