Getting error as this page isnt working


i attached pic getting error like this suddenly

if i am asking from host there telling that to change name servers to them

what should i do now ?


Have a look from this post downwards in this thread. Looks like the same issue.


i am using only cloudflare ssl …how to get back my website like back


You should install a certificate on your server - either a free Let’s Encrypt one or a free Cloudflare Origin Certificate.

You can then set it to Full (strict) which will probably solve the issue as well as making your site far more secure.


full(strict) means shall i purchase certificate ?? or shall i use autossl ??


You don’t need to purchase one, you can use a free one. Either Let’s Encrypt or Cloudflare Origin.

Alternatively you could use a self signed and set it to Full.


how can i use cloudflare aleardy i have ssl from cloudflare !
and what is mean by self signed and from where i wil get ?


please tel me i wil follow the process to get cloudflare origin certificate or self signed


You can generate a Cloudflare origin certificate in the crypto tab of your Cloudflare dashboard. If you are not sure about installing it, you should talk to your host.


I taken reseller pack… So where I should install or my original hosting proverd, while I am talking with them their telling to purchase autossl… But I suppose to not waste to money has cloudflare proving it… So what should I do now


You should ask them if you can upload your own SSL certificate.


There told to purchase dedicated ip or autossl pack. But I have my own WHM panel can I make any changes to from my WHM or C panel?? While I seen I found crs and keys certificate on panel


You may be able to find the SSL/TLS section in your cPanel and do it yourself. It is different for each host though so I can’t really advise more than this.


Thank u for information… There not provided ssl/tsl option in control panel. So I can now rollback to my default name severs to run my website??


You could do. Personally, if they don’t offer SSL free then I would switch hosts. It is a necessary feature now. You could use flexible but is is not recommended.

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