Getting Error 525 SSL Handshake Failed

My site is getting a 525 error here:
I’m using full(strict) and when I check : it says that everything is set up correctly.

I’ve set up the origin certificate on my host as well but it seems that there’s still an issue. Does anyone have anything else I can try?

I followed these instructions to get everything setup originally:

Assuming your server IP address ends in 99, it would appear as if you still have a Lets Encrypt certificate configured on your server. Have you restarted the webserver after you configured the origin certificate?

I have not done that. I’ll check with my host and have them restart if possible. Thank you.

Seems it can take up to 24 hours before that certificate will disappear. Will check again then.

Is it still showing the Lets Encrypt certificate at this point? How would I be able to test this?

It still serves the Lets Encrypt certificate.

It should not take 24 hours for a certificate to disappear. Certs aren’t cached. Cert changes on a server should be instantaneous.

IMHO the certificate was either never configured or the service never restarted (assuming it requires a restart to take effect).

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I finally got them to request a server restart. We’ll see what happens next. Thanks for your time.

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