Getting Error 404 after changing nameserver

I need help for setting up Cloudflare

when i’m changing the nameserver got a weird stuff i didn’t have before with all the CAA

The thing before was a problem with the email that doesn’t wanted to send but now I get a big error of ERROR 404

when I load the page… kind of confused

I don’t see that. Is that the correct site?

yes ! now I can’t get on the website anymore…

but i already removed the website on the original server because there is a some client that look at the website

I still can access the same:

Well, from the screenshot you’ve attached I see there’s a missing DNS server IP if I’m not mistaken. You may need to add the A record.

yeah because i reajust the old server name after because i get error 404

like this ? i’ve add it

That’s right!

i’m gonna retry to change the nameserver

i’m gonna tell you if its a success after 2hours

for the moment i got that

Doesn’t look good :frowning:

Propagation is still going on. Still, it looks good as I’m be to access the site.

This could be browser cache.

i’ll wait 24h …

Thank you Neil… glad you help me !

at the same time, i open private navigation to see if it works… too so I hope it will propagate well

Surely, it’ll take its time. Simultaneously, update www record set as in the content.

Im having the same issue with my website

Kindly help me too to solve the problem, Thanks.

Yep everything works it was the bad CNAME that was doing some sh*t

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