Getting error 1016 Origin DNS Error for Website

New to Cloudflare. We have a website that we are trying to get up and running but we are now getting a 1016 Origin DNS error. I am not sure how the DNS Settings need to be updated to help resolve this error. Any help will be appreciated.


I suspect when you added the site to cloudflare it was previously using cf and on importing DNS records we picked up a cloudflare IP for the value of your A record. To fix this, contact your hosting provider and ask them for the IP of your origin server, edit your DNS A record to reflect that value and you should be good to go.

On the other hand, if you are using a CNAME record, ensure that it’s correctly configured, and that the host it points to is properly set up.

Some resources to help

Thank you, let me try to best describe what had happened. Our domain is purchased using google cloud , now transitioning to Squarespace. We did not renew in time and our domain registration expired. At the same time, Cloudflare sent emails stating namespaces were changing and the zone was being deleted from their system.

Now we have renewed the domain with google and setup the website with Cloudflare as a new site using instructions I found online. We got error similar to site not found before but after setting up the site, we are now seeing this error.

My best guess is that the DNS settings in Cloudflare do not include all the right values but I do not know what the dns values were previously.

How can I find out what the correct IP address is for google?

In looking at your records, you need to check the contents of the CNAME record

If you have access to your audit log for the account where the website (zone) was active, you should be able to recreate the correct value, audit log is here,

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