Getting Error 1016 on a specific URL (css file) of a site, can only access it via VPN

This seems similar to this thread, so I’m guessing it might be again an issue at the Cloudflare side.

When visiting pixabay all requests work just fine, except one of the css file hosted by cloudflare, which returns status 530 (error 1016 of CF)

I’m in China, but all other URLs within the domain pixabay are OK. If I fire up an VPN, the css file can be retrieved.

Any ideas?

I’m having the same problem. And I’m in the US. This is new, as I use Pixabay quite a bit.

Though I’m getting a 530 error in the browser, then a 1016 if I try it myself. And this is where it gets interesting. They’re pulling that file from an S3 bucket.

I expect they’ll figure it out soon enough, but there’s nothing Cloudflare can do about it. Pixabay has to fix this.

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