Getting error 1014 since Today

Hi there, getting this errorcode 1014.
Have my Website and an Teezily Account connected. Everything works fine. But Now this error. Please help me. My englisch is Not very good

What is the CNAME records that you have set up? Because 1014 means there is an issue where the CNAME is pointed.

Additionally, you can type in your native language and it will be translated.

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Hi @john44, the comment WRT CNAME from @Cyb3r-Jak3 is spot-on. On the DNS app of the Cloudflare dashboard, drop on the Content field of the CNAME record called www and edit the name to remove the www..

I cant delete the www, there is another error 1004
If i delete the www befor the URL, an error with the message, an entry with a Aa aaa etc,… Allrady exist

this one???

Not recognizing it from the mobile image, but this record:

It doesnt work, Now the Page ist found. Put the dname back and Also Page not found

Got it, and that does seem in line with their docs, Thank you.

Did you follow step 3 - Activate your domain name on Teezily? I suspect that is necessary to kick off the process in the last sentence of the edit that follows:

Edit - also noticed this in a similar issue, “Cloudflare generally does not allow customers to use CNAME records to point from their domain to a domain on another Cloudflare account, which is why you are seeing the Error 1014. Domains that are on the same Cloudflare account are not affected by this security check. However, if having both domains on the same account is not possible, the owner of the domain that you are attempting to CNAME to can contact us and have this security feature disabled.”

Everything worked fine since yesterday. I have changed nothing. Teezily and Cloudflare worked perfekt

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Thank you, @john44, it worked ok yesterday, you made no changes, it does not work today. That seems like it may be time to reach out to teezily and see if something changed on their end.

Soooo, Now i got the Problem solved. At the www cname it dont have called
IT have to be

Thanks everybody for hekping me out


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