Getting error 1001 or below message: two websites down. and

This site can’t be reached

.com’s server IP address could not be found.




What should my DNSservers be?
Is that(dnsservers) the only reason/issue that needs to be resolved?

Thank you~

For both these domains, seems the Cloudflare verification hasn’t completed.

Check that the Cloudflare nameservers you have set at the registrar are the correct ones. If you have removed the sites from Cloudflare and then added them back again, or set the nameservers at the registrar before adding to Cloudflare, then you will have different nameservers from what you may have had in your account before.

Check for both domains at the bottom here…

Ensure you have added the domains to Cloudflare and spelt them correctly.

If all else fails, you can remove the domains from Cloudflare and add them back. You will get a new pair of nameservers that you will need to set at the registrar.

At cloudflare dashboard, when I try to add: “intermeritocracy…,” I get the following message:

No domains or subdomains found in “my account name” account. Check for typos or [add a site]

my website “trueec…” is showing as active.

  1. Why isn’t my site “intermeritocracy…” showing as active as well? And Why can’t I add it?

  2. I am not sure if I have hosting plan with cloudflare. Can you tell me please?

  3. And if I do have hosting plan with cloudflare, where/how can I locate my website files?

Thank you~

That’s what you get when searching for a site in the list of sites you already added to Cloudflare. You need to “add” the site if you haven’t done so already. The nameservers are set already so you are going to get a new set of nameservers for this domain if you add it (again) so check what those are and set them at your registrar.

Follow the advice I gave in the post above if the site doesn’t verify when you add it.

Cloudflare does not offer traditional website hosting, you will need to use an external host for that unless you can use…

When I click “Add a site,” I get “invalid domain,” and I am unable to add the second domain…

Godaddy changed my two websites’ domainserver names several weeks ago ensuring me that there won’t be any issue with cloudflare. My websites went down soon after, and they won’t help fix the problem they caused. :frowning: I don’t know what needs to be done to fix the problems. So, I am trying to migrate everything to Bluehost hoping it’ll be the simplest way to fix the problem.

Cloudflare has been nothing but awesome and I hope to return to cloudflare some day… Can you guide me how I can migrate to bluehost please? Do I need to delete my websites from cloudflare? Thank you very much~