Getting error 1000 after importing dns records and changing nameservers and then switching back

So slightly new to Cloudflare…and Im sure ive made some poor assumptions along the way.
I’ve been developing a new site for domain A.

In preparing for live I set up a Cloudflare account for client, which seems to import their DNS records and give us new name servers.

So I assumed we could just change namservers and manage the DNS ourselves.
The old NS are

When they were changed we got almost immediately:

Error 1000

Ray ID: 6e34315388d083c4 • 2022-02-25 21:58:01 UTC

DNS points to prohibited IP

This seems connected to proxy IPs
The apparent solution from reading docs is to remove A record IPs and point them at the origin server?
However we can’t see the origin servers IP so have no idea where to point anything as everything seems to point to Cloudflare.

So we changed the NS back to the original settings and still get the 1000 error. I was hoping to revert and resolve at a leisurely pace but now we seem to have a broken domain.

I tried signing up for a paid plan to speak to Cloudflare support but ironically i cant sign up for a plan from the dashboard it seems. There appears to be no upgrade path that doesnt redirect to the dashboard if you have an account.

I’d really appreciate a steer in resolving.


Thank you for asking.

Haven’t you exported and checked the “old” DNS records at “old” CF account before switching? :thinking:

Do you still have the access to the old CF account where domain is hopefully, still added?, and not deleted in the meantime?

Probably because A www or A is pointing to Cloudflare IP, rather than to the IP address of the hosting provider.

And the records are :orange:?

May I ask who is old and who is new hosting provider?
Did you used some kind of a Cloudflare integration through the hosting provider interface, which might result having some kind of a “stuck” CNAME record “in the air” from them, otherwise it might be SaaS integrator?

If you have the access to the “old” CF account, you can solve it pretty easy.
Use the “Advanced” button to export DNS records from “old” CF account.
Therefore, at your new CF account, remove all added manually and use the same button to import the exported .txt BIND file.

Regarding Cloudflare 1000 error, may I suggest you to try looking into below articles to troubleshoot the issue:

We don’t have access to the to the original CF account. It belongs to another agency who are very slow/unwilling to respond.

I understand that when we changed the nameservers we end up with A records pointing at CF ips and we should point them at the original host. But that is the problem. We can’t tell what the IP of the revised A records should be because they are pointing at Cloudflare:)

I think the easiest solution would be to get the original CF account to export the DNS records. Is there anyway I can find the original IP host behind Cloudflare?

Ohh, I am sorry to hear this :frowning:

Correct :+1:

The easiest one, yes.

We might have to dig this and look into DNS history of the domain name, if so :thinking:

Kindly, may I ask if you are willing to share share the domain name with me in the PM which I’ve sent to you so I could take a look and share links and information to you in a PM?, that way we wouldn’t expose the IPs here publicly due to the privacy concerns and other reasons.

domain name is
DO you think it would help if i removed the domain or records from cf panel?
Full dns can be seen here

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