Getting "err Unable to find record" when trying to update with Dns-O-Matic


I’m able to update cloudflare’s A DNS record with i.e. web mydomainname .com but I can’t update A DNS record mydomainname .com (which is a proxied ip address of my web server), I renamed mydomainname .com record to web. mydomainname .com and I can update it, but then I can’t access the web server as a regular internet site…

In dns-o-matic, I tried to set the hostname to ., @, mydomainname .com, nothing works… I always get “err Unable to find record” from cloudflare…


  1. What domain?

  2. What exact record(s), do you believe there is a problem with?
    And how does your Cloudflare Dashboard look, in regards to these specific record(s)?

Thank you for answering,

here’s my setup :


I can’t help you, but I have the same issue with the root domain. I can update other subdomains fine, just not the root one. Same error as you have.

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