Getting Emails To Work on Cloudflare

Hi Folks
Been about a year now since I gave up on trying to get an email account on a site to work on CF and ended up going back to the hosting provider as I needed emails to work.
I ust set up a new site and was thinking of trying out the paid version of CF but again, can’t get the email to work so it looks like yet again, I may have to move back to the hosting service.
Does Cloudflare actaully have a definitive guide on how to get emails working on their platfomr or is it just a case of being too busy with other thins?
I’m lost for words as Ithere are so many conflicitng guides online bit old and very old that don’t work.
I think the guys at CF need to look into this for others becuase it turns so many away.

Hi @tpsarkis, yes, everyone is always busy, but there are great guides available here, Community Tutorials. In particular, I’d check out Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues when using Cloudflare & How to prevent your emails from going to spam &

I’d really appreciate it if you can share the conflicting guides you’ve found. Depending upon the source, we can at the very least comment to point to the resources that are up to date. Sorry for the frustration.


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