Getting "domain unable to transfer" for .TV

I’m trying to transfer a .TV domain into Cloudflare under the Registrar section. But the page is showing: “Hide 1 domain unable to transfer”

I’m assuming this is because Cloudflare does not yet support this TLD. Is this correct? Thanks


Ok thanks for the quick reply!

Just FYI, I spent about 90 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong. I thought there was something wrong with my DNS settings, or my account. I tried removing the domain from CloudFlare and reading—to no avail.

I think the experience could be greatly improved if the error message simply said “Not all domains can be transferred. Hiding unsupported domains.”

Everything else about CloudFlare has been stellar. This does not seem to fit with those other areas.

The registrar service in general has only rather a basic set of features. .io is the only ccTLD which is currently supported.

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