Getting Cloudflare Configuration Right

I need to get into one of my sites to see the nameservers and to add a CName but I don’t know how to do that. For some reason Cloudflare thinks that the site is hosted at BlueHost and it is not.

Anyone know where I do the changes necessary so Cloudflare can see the site?


How are you logging in?

If your domain registrar is pointing to Cloudflare’s nameservers, then you would configure the Cname from your Cloudflare Dashboard.
This tool will tell you if your domain is pointed to Cloudflare DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

Just through the main interface.

It is pointed to Cloudflare. The issue is that Cloudflare won’t let me add any records because it thinks I have the site hosted at Bluehost - which I don’t. This is kind of an error on Cloudflare. I will try to see if my hosting company at Hostwinds will help.

Out of curiosity, was the domain hosted at Bluehost, the Domain Registrar?
If the site was originally hosted at Bluehost and you still have access to the account, I’d backup everything, document all the DNS settings then remove all traces of it from their control panel.
Also, if you’re not using any paid services and have all your DNS information, it might just be faster just to remove the domain from your Cloudflare account then add it again noting the new name servers etc.

No. The site was never hosted at Bluehost. That is what is so confusing. I realize it may have been better to start all over again by deleting and adding it back.

Do you know how to find the name servers I am supposed to use? I had to find them by using another site.

When you add the site to Cloudflare again, it will tell you the new nameservers.

So you can’t see it any other way but during the setup?

No but it only takes a minute or so to be assigned the new name servers. Then you’ll need to make those changes at your Registrar and add your existing DNS records in your Cloudflare Dashboard.

Here is a guide that explains the full procedure.

I want to delete this site I have tried to get to work. I can’t be certain of the name servers because I added the site

so long ago and there seems to be little support for helping me. If I just start over, I think I’ll have a better chance of making things work. I can’t find where I can delete a site though.

To remove the site,

  1. go to your Cloudflare Dashboard
  2. select your domain
  3. in the “Overview” tab, scroll down to “Advanced Actions” (right column) and select “Remove Site from Cloudflare”

After that, go to the “Home” tab and select “+Add a site”.

You can. Under the DNS tab, there’s a title:

Cloudflare Nameservers

Under that title, you shall see your assigned nameservers. No need to delete and readd the domain.

Thank you for your help. If I had the correct name servers for the account, I don’t think I would have to delete it.

Do you know how to access that information? I don’t see why they don’t make it available.

How have you benefited from using Cloud Flare?

The current name servers can be found under the “DNS” tab in your Cloudflare Dashboard as @shimi mentioned and verified by using this tool .
If the ones in your Registrar are different than what Cloudflare Dashboard has instructed you to use, things won’t work properly.

If they do match and you still cannot add CNAME or edit other DNS records as mentioned in your previous post,

That was the rationale to start over and have Cloudflare re-scan your records which might be the quickest way (usually less than 30 minutes) to regain full control in the Cloudflare Dashboard.

Most certainly! Both site performance for international customers and security.

Ok. I am deleting the account. I haven’t a clue why they thought it was hosted at bluehost.


My only guess would be if it’s a new domain, the domain expired or some worst case, you had a virus or your email accounts were compromised at some time or some phishing scam? Other than that, its hard to say without a full audit of log files.

I am sorry to say that I can’t find this Advanced Actions section at all. I am viewing the specific domain main page.

  1. in the “Overview” tab, scroll down to “Advanced Actions” (right column) and select “Remove Site from Cloudflare”

Since you can’t remove the domain from your account, you should create a support request using this link.
Also, sorry we’re not able to help further but If possible, let us know what support determined to be cause this or the solution. Good luck!

Well, I finally looked hard enough to find the option to delete. So I have deleted the old site and added it back. I’ve changed the name servers and now have to wait for propagation. This time I think everything is correct and they have not shown me the message that the site is on Bluehost.