Getting cloudflare captchas every website i visit


Hi, for some reason cloudflare started giving me captcha cancer on my home network. this is seriously impacting my security camera’s as they cannot connect to the API’s needed due to the cloudflare captcha block as well as blocking various automated plugin/driver installs on my home computers as every website & backend API uses cloudflare.

and i know that my ip is not blacklisted i have checked with projecthoneypot.

My Cloudflare Ray ID: 3c5624a0dc451d62

i wont publicly post my IP for security reasons. (i can email to cloudflare support email if given)

i would really like to know why CF is blocking me everywhere… and i keep a tight grip on my home network there is no malware or viruses within my network i have proper firewall setup to stop malicious traffic. i’ve done the testing its not on my end. either CF OR ISP problem.

Why do i Get cloudflare captchas every website i visit

Issue resolved, ISP Reset IP lease, no issues now.


Glad to see that you are squared away. In the future you can always email support @ cloudflare from the address registered to your Cloudflare account if you need help.


I suspect they’re not a Cloudflare customer. Just a visitor to many Cloudflare-fronted sites.


Maybe try using Privacy Pass


I am, and I have been for a number of years now, I had issues accessing apps page on my dashboard prior the ip reset.


i am having the same Problem just noticed


You should reach out to the site operator to inquire about their security settings.



I’m having the same problem. Checked two similar sites as theprojecthoneypot and saw that my IP was listed. I used Norton Remover and cleaned some threats, ran Kaspersky Total Security and restarted my pc. I went to one of the sites that “accused” my IP and removed it from the blacklist, but still getting the cloudfare captcha. On the other site, tho, I can’t remove, because it requires a personal ip (I have a free one, from gmail).

What should I do? I was thinking about going to this:

Does it work? The windows option, on cmd and stuff.

Thanks for your attention.



I tried myself to reset my IP sometimes but had no sucess.

Therefore, I called my ISP and asked them. It took no more than 5 minutes and my problem was solved.



Hello. I’ve am having the same issue as you are and I don’t know how to solve it.
I’ve already tried to clean the cookies and browser history, ran my anti-virus and an malware cleaner, ran ccleaner, went to projecthoneypot but my IP wasn’t listed, but none of this solved the problem. I hope that someone can help me with this I’m starting to lose hope.


It’s about your IP Address.

If it’s a dynamic IP it might have been part in any kind of attack in the past.
It’s also possible that website owners are challenging visitors from specefic networks.


Thanks for your reply but I just checked and it says I have a static IP Address.


Then you or one of the devices on your network have been part in some sort of bad behaviour.

(Given that you say it’s on every website on Cloudflare’s network)


Here’s the Support article on CAPTHAs:

Historically, Cloudflare isn’t going to tell you exactly why you’re tripping the block, other then they’re confident your IP address has a bad history. It clears up if the bad behavior stops.


And what should I do in your opinion? Should I just wait until it goes away? This has been going on for 2 weeks now. Thank you for your help.


Not having this happen to me, I can only suggest Privacy Pass, as described above:


thank you