Getting Cloud Flare and Website Host to Play Nice

I’m admittedly new to Cloudflare (CF) and the back end of websites, but am trying to learn so I think posting my problem as a case study is the best way.

I’m working on getting CF setup for my site and so have directed the name servers (NS) to CF; then, within CF I created an A record to point to the server where my website is hosted. So the problem I’m experiencing is the site is not live.

Now, I understand propagation time to be a bigger factor in DNS but it’s been 12+ hours and CF brags quick turn around time so could time really be the problem? I’ve also followed up with my hosting site and confirmed the IP is correct. Lastly, I’ve run a DNS test and the CF IP is showing up instead of my server IP. I think the problem is with CF communicating with my host provider.

I’m really interested in learning more about this topic. Just let me know your thoughts.


If it’s the site in your signature, it looks like DNS is all up to date.

So now it’s down to troubleshooting your web server. I hope you have access to your server logs to see what’s going on. It’s showing an error I’ve never seen before.

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I entered the server IP instead of my site IP. Thanks for your help - the site has propagated and is live.