Getting ClickFunnels to Work

Hello all!

I am trying to get clickfunnels to work and their instructions for setup are horribly outdated.

Following their guide I have CNAME mapped as described but the whatsmydns always returns Red X and is never correctly showing (also is the A name a better verification point?)

Additionally I see this thread here:

Which is mentioning that due to the proxy ability being gone, the instructions on clickfunnels dont work anymore.

Can someone that uses this please tell me what mappings work to get this stood up? What needs to be done to have all traffic direct to root instead of www. Since I guess page rules dont work with the old setup.


I don’t use clickfunnels, so not a lot of first-hand help to offer, but this came up the other day as well with a very similar use case, Clickfunnel Domain and SSL stopped Working. Seems the www record needed to be configured with clickfunnels in that instance. Please share an update and let us know how it’s going.

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