Getting CF Errors even though site is not on CF theoretically


We experimented with having our site on CF, decided not to, I thought I had erased all pointers to CF but we still got CF errors every once in awhile. Our account says we have no sites on CF and our webhost backend says we’re not on CF. Found something additonal in our DNS record today. Erased that and now have completely crashed access to our site: Looking for suggestions on where to look next.
Thanks in advance for any help.


Your site loads fine for me, also here

Which Cloudflare related records would you mean? There dont seem to be any at this point. Maybe some propagation issue? In this case just wait a bit.


The site is working, and there’s a LE certificate.

What kind of error do you see? It’s probably just a cached DNS entry If you moved it away recently.


I guess I wasn’t patient enough - must have been a cache issue. All’s good.,

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