Getting broken c_panel

I am always getting a basic html c panel loaded website. The internet speed is good but the c panel is loading same from a long while. I tired login from variety of devices but of no use. I talked to my hosting provider but they could not help me because its hosted now in cloudfare. I am putting here a screenshot of my c panel please show me the way to remove this basis html view of this c panel.

That looks like a Mixed Content error. Was your cPanel using HTTPS before?
Does setting your cPanel domain to :grey: fix it?

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My site is https from a long ago…
tell me a way to fix it

As @sdayman said, in your CF dashboard,

I don’t have slow internet connectivity issue though the c panel is loading with basic page. I have tried login with different devices but of no use. I am attaching a file to show you how is loading and its very difficult to work along with this issue. Please help me to shot out this issue.



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