Getting Authentication Error Any Time Google Merchant Center Attempts TO Pull In Our Product Feed

Hello everyone, I’m hoping you can help

It appears we are getting an authentication error any time Google Merchant Center attempts to pull in our product feed I can access the information directly through an incognito browser without authentication. It appears to be getting blocked when the request comes from Google

Authentication failed.

Download failed due to authentication error. Please check username and password in your feed configuration and try again.

Any assistance you can provide would be immensely helpful.

Update. I was able to dial the issue down to the “Superbot Fight Mode” setting. Cloudflare appears to be categorizing Google Merchant Center’s Fetch service as:

Definitely automated - Definitely automated traffic typically consists of bad bots. Select an action for this traffic.

Even though I have Verified bots set to Allow, Cloudflare is mischaracterizing Google Merchant Center

Any advice on how I can resolve this? I would hate to set all “Definitaly automated” traffic to allow permanently.

I am also having this exact same issue.