Getting attacked from a large IP range. Did ASN look up and it shows CLOUDFLARENET

My site is getting hit hard. The range is wide all from addresses. I was going to block it at the ASN level but when I do an ASN range it comes back to CLOUDFLARENET. What are my options here. Under attack mode works but Its been a week now of these attacks and I cant leave that on long term. Any suggestions what I could do?

Where are you seeing that your site is getting hit? If the log of connections is from the server then it would be Cloudflare as they are the ones connecting to your server.

I’m getting 100’s of attempted logins to my websites admin panel using various random user names. I’m getting the alerts via wordfence. I have a login limit through wordfence with an autoban but its just flooding the site.

Wordfence has an option to use the real visitor IP rather than Cloudflare’s so you can properly block/rate limit with it.


ahh this makes much more sense now. Thank you so much!!

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