Getting attacked, 180mil requests in 24h. HELP



So im getting flooded for a week or so, and seems like cloudflare isnt helping.
Please let me know any advices on how to fix this, my websites are very slow and I need to work on them. Ive tried everything possible on cloudflare…

Help me out, please…what can I do… im running just some simple wordpress websites


Have you set Cloudflare to “I’m under Attack”? and are they targeting a specific URL?


What is your security level currently at? I’d first increase that or maybe even set it to “I’m under attack” and check whether that fixes the issue for the time being.

Then, I’d go through the logs and check whether there is a pattern you could block.


i have under attack since day one, they still manage to get trough it i dont know… it does not fix!


drop your skype/discord or anything that we can chat on, i’ll let you login via team viewer if you could help me out… please!


Can you post an excerpt from your webserver log file?



  • enable I am under attack
  • enable rate limiting(paid service)
  • get logs about the ddos attacks, see what are they look like, do they have something common? make a smart rules to block them(with Firewall Rules and page rules, IP Access Rules, User Agent Blocking)
  • enable caching on everything you can for as long as you can.
  • does some of the attacks come from countries where you don’t usually have visitors from? block that countries.
  • can you add more servers\scale up your servers? its the time to do it(scale down after the attack is finished)

from simple math you are getting around 2000 requests per second, totally possible to absorb with the steps above