Getting API request failed (502) Error on Cloudflare Dashboard

I have been seeing a couple of errors wherever I login to the Cloudflare Dashboard.
Something like this:

I have my sited registered to Cloudflare. Is there an issue at Cloudflare right now?
Also, I had a hard time logging into the site. Had to hit Log In button multiple times until finally, I saw my avatar.

Edit 1: Can’t even log into Cloudflare Dashboard now.

Edi 2: According to one comment below, Cloudflare knows of this issue and are implementing a fix.

Edit 3: The issue is fixed!

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Im having same issue since last few hours.
API Request Failed: GET /api/v4/accounts/f44f237eede9af58fe85b45143d5ecf9/registrar/domains/domainname (502)

I am seeing the same thing. Looks like an issue at Cloudflare regarding DNS domains (Registrar)

I am also facing the same issue.

Yes, we are also facing the same issue for all my websites.

I have same Problem since 3 hours!

I have also the same problem, are you also using the wordpress plugin by any chance? The problem occured, when I was deactivating the plugin on my wp website. No clue if it was just a coincidence or if it’s causing this issue, but the timing is suspicious

What is extremely confusing, is, that my /wp-admin section of one of my wordpress subsites is not working any longer, the admin-ajax-php returns an 404, is no longer accessible, therefore everything is broken. I’ve copied the whole website + database into a hosting account on the same server, using it without cloudflare, and there everything works without problems, I’ve changed nothing, even the htaccess is 1:1 the same, so it seems to be caused by CF. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Edit: It wasn’t CFs fault in my case, the problem was, that php was handled as fpm application from nginx, after changing it to fpm application from apache (in the plesk settings), it’s working again.

We have a similar issue, but it points to an internal domain registrar issue. as the API being referenced in the “Error” message is our website API token.

I did notice that cloudflare has the following message on their status board

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same issue