Getting an ERROR signing up

I can’t signup on the ‘Select a Plan’ screen.
After I press the Free Plan (just to start with) I get this error

API Request Failed: PATCH /api/v4/zones/b654bb8274fcc49ac6485b2cd9a553b6 (undefined)

Whats going on?

Happens trying to sign up to the the 20$ a month plan also.

Sorry you’re hitting that @autovincelynch, I suspect that’s a transient issue related to some updates but will investigate…

Doesnt seem very transient, I tried to join 2-3 times over the past month. Unfortunately its quite important we sign up fairly immediately, I have been using other CDN’s in the meantime but we will be looking to scale soon and as much as we prefer it to be Cloudflare this definitely leaves a bad impression.

Thank you, @autovincelynch, I can see the history, details and the plan select screen. If you’re still seeing these after log out/log in, I’d contact Cloudflare Support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. Please post the ticket number here and I’ll follow with support to see how they can move this forward.

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