Getting an error message when i click on domain to manage dns

When i click on 2 different domains to manage dns i get an error message that says,

there was an error collecting data for how2kids818

anyone encounter this problem and know how to fix it? Thanks.

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Hi there,

Sorry not sure I follow how you are able to generate this error (eg. managing two different domains DNS at the same time?)

Are you able to provide steps to replicate?


Yes video is attach to demonstrate but the steps are

login into the account [email protected]

Click on Manage Domain
go to the right of either domain and under the Manage column click on Manage
You’ll get the error message…

I noticed an email that said account had been suspended for violation of terms of service.
I assume this was due to the delay in opening the link to verify authentication i Stripe.

Maybe that has something to do with it. Maybe all of this needs to be reset. Thanks.

(Attachment Recording 2024-01-27 120030errormessageforhow2kidsandmorrowmedia.mp4 is missing)

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