Getting activation email re-sent

I have already raised a support ticket for this but I am not getting any traction (been about 10 days so far).

The gist is that when I signed up with my current hosting provider (Hostinger) there was a deal to set set up with Cloudflare. I never saw the email to do the activation and now that a number of months have passed, I am unable to do a password reset on the account. I am now at the point where I want to take advantage of all that Cloudflare offers and want to do it via the email that is linked to my Hostinger hosting account.

Reading other posts on this community forum, users(administrators?) such as @cloonan suggested that it is quite likely that the password reset functionality will not work until the account is validly activated.

I just want that activation email re-triggered. Anyone that has the power to make that happen I would be most grateful. If there is a way to message me or you want me to post the details on this thread I can do that. Obviously the account I am posting this from is NOT the account with the issue :slight_smile:



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Hello, Apologies for the issues you are facing.
Can you please post the ticket number here so that we can check it in our queue?

Thank you @AnjanaM

The ticket number is: [2521706]

Hi @joe42, sorry for the delay on this. I’ve replied on your ticket.

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