Getting ACCOUNT_HASH for Images

I have a new account and signed up for Images and Streams, but I could only see my Account ID in the Images section of the console. It didn’t have Account Hash or Image Delivery URL like it shows in Serve Images in the docs (it won’t let me paste a link to the docs here so you’ll have to find it yourself).

So after trying my hardest to figure out how to get it, I decided to upload an image and voila, the Account hash magically showed up on the right hand side.

So ALWAYS UPLOAD ONE IMAGE before you try to get started.

On the Cloudflare Images dashboard, you’ll find your account hash on the right hand side:

ONLY after you’ve uploaded at least one image. Which is the point of my post.

Thanks for the report, we will fix the UI to show account hash without a need to upload the image.

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