Getting access to selfhosted wireguard server through tunnel

Hey there. I have difficulties setting up a tunnel that will allow me to skip port forward and access my selfhosted wireguard server on metal ubuntu 20.04 I have. I confirmed that it’s working via duckdns and all is well. I successfully connect with my phone using wireguard app and QR code gen on ubuntu.

I have purchased a domain name here and using it for a tunnel. Tunnel connector is up and running on the same machine as wireguard server. But What settings should I use for wireguard connection? There is no UDP option and I’ve tried all other available options like tcp, https etc. What am I missing here?
Settings I need help with:
Service: tcp? Url: my.lan.address.wireguardserver(no port?) any additional settings?

Wireguard config on my phone I used -qr generation and afaikt I only need to modify “IP address” to my (app requires you to specify the port so I guess that’s why I should skip port settings in tunnel setup, right?)

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