Getting a "Something quite cool is coming." message when viewing my website


My website url is When I view my site I just get the default “Something quite cool is coming” message. The nameservers have propgated, the SSL certificate is active, and “Only use HTTPS” is on as well as “Automatic HTTPS rewrites”. Somebody help me please.


That seems to be the default message when you host with godaddy but no files are uploaded to the www or public_html folder.

It may see like a dumb question but I take it you have files uploaded and you also have a valid SSL for that site?


Yeah. I have my home.html file in my public_html folder.


What is the SSL setting in the crypto tab? One of “flexible”, “full”, or “full (strict)”.




Try pausing Cloudflare temporarily and see if the issue persists. If it does, then it is an issue on your side. Make sure you access your website in a completely new session (Incognito if using chrome) so there is no local browser caching.


Still an issue. That does not make sense that the problem would originate from my side if the problem occured after switching to Cloudflare.


Solved the problem. I did not add the nameservers to my DNS record.


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