Getting a "Query Refused" message when changing NS to CF

Hi! I’m trying to point my NS to CF’s but I keep getting this “Query Refused” message.

Does anyone knows how to solve this?

I am in contact with support but they weren’t able to help so far.

Thanks a lot

Their system wants Cloudflare name servers to respond for your domain. But Cloudflare name servers won’t do that because your domain is not active on Cloudflare.

Which Support did you contact? Cloudflare, or your registrar?

But my domain is just pending for nameserver update here on Cloudflare, that’s why is no active.

I contacted Cloudflare support.

Your registrar is making it unnecessarily difficult. I know this has come up before with some ccTLDs. You may have to reply to Support again and let them know this is similar to the problem with dk-hostmaster. Can you also post the Ticket # here? @cloonan might be able to track down how those .dk users got around the same problem.

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@sdayman agree and thanks for your help. Yes, maybe if I could track down those other cases, it would be great. The ticket # is 1966696.


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