Getting a Cloudflare error when trying to login to this website

Getting the below error when trying to login to my account at wagerjoint.
Is this something on there end or mine?

Hello there,

Read the solution given by @sdayman in this regard

Thanks for the fast reply. I’m not understanding it though so maybe you can help clarify.

When you say “Your CNAME” are you referring to my ISP? I mean, I can control my website’s CNAME entries (which isn’t relevant here) but certainly not any DNS info supplied to wagerjoint from my ISP’s DNS info.

Also it doesn’t appear that it is related in anyway to my ISP at all because I tried to login to wagerjoint using the Verizon network on my phone (not w-fi) and it is giving me the same error.

Thanks again for your help on this issue.

The alias is what has the malfunction. It points to a canonical name of which is behind the Cloudflare proxy.

The problem lies in the Cloudflare account for the hostname having no idea what to do when sent a request with a hostname header of

Someone responsible for the site that you are unable to access will need to fix it.

Thank you for the reply and info. This helps a lot.

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