Getting a 522 on my website

The issue seems to be in between the hosting provider and the Cloudflare server. But for me both hosting provider and server are Cloudflare, not sure where the config has gone wrong, could give more details if someone has dealt with this issue before. Thanks for the helps

You’re using Cloudflare Pages?

If not, I’m not sure what you mean by Cloudflare is your server, since Cloudflare isn’t a web host.

You could try this:

To give you a better idea about the problem, I am trying to host notion pages through by running a script through workers in Cloudflare. I think the issue is I may have not been able to follow all steps properly mentioned to run the script mentioned on fruitionsite. Here, they’re using 2 different workers one for running the script and one for serving them on different routes. now, I have tried to use the same route worker for running the script also in my configuration and I am not sure anymore how to revert this change. what do you think should I do?

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