Getting a 403 forbidden code in WordPress every time I request a Site Health on my wordpress website

Hello Everyone!
I`m getting a code “403 forbidden” every time I request a Site Health Status on my wordpress installation website dashboard. I have a multisite installation and it looks like only the website that has Cloudflare IP is getting this error. Here is message:

403 Forbidden-

  • DNS Resolution Time: 0.0020
  • Connection Time: 0.0258
  • Transfer Start Time (TTFB): 0.0902
  • Response Content Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
  • IP Address: Ip hidden for privacy!
    So I was getting this same problem with my main website domain but I after I discovered that the address of that website was pointing to the wrong local IP and not to the main server, I changed it and it was fixed. Now Im only getting this issue with Cloudflare websites that have their IPs

Any clues will be very appreciated.


Please visit your website and perform the Site Health troubleshooting with Dev Tools (F12) open. Check the Console and Network tabs for files that were blocked with a 403.

Then wait a couple minutes and visit Cloudflare Dashboard > Security > Events and search for the specific path of the blocked file.

You should find the WAF Event with details as to what Cloudflare service (if that’s the case) blocked your content. Then you’ll be able to properly address the issue, by creating/editing a rule so that it skips that service when certain conditions apply.

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