Getting 7000 and 7003 (Could not route to /zones/custom_paes/waf_block) errors when trying to update custom pages

Two nights ago I was updating my custom pages on my Pro level domain and everything was fine.

But now whenever I try to update the custom pages, or even click “Set to Default”, I’m getting these errors:

Could not route to /zones/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/custom_paes/ip_block, perhaps your object identifier is invalid? (Code: 7003)
No route for that URI (Code: 7000)

This is happening on all custom pages on this as well as my other Pro domain. I didn’t change anything else on my CF config. I don’t use the API, just the dashboard.

When I look in Chrome Inspector, there is this error:

Request URL:
Request Method: PUT
Status Code: 400 Bad Request
Remote Address:
Referrer Policy: origin

I can hit the ‘Preview’ button on the custom page and that works. But I can’t ‘save’ a custom page nor "set to default’ now.

If you look at the Request URL, it does, in fact, say “custom_paes” and not “custom_pages” – so this must be a developer typo that made it into production without any testing.

I submitted a ticket, but posting here also. Thanks

There is an incident open for this now: Cloudflare Status - Issues publishing Custom Pages via Cloudflare Dashboard.

We noticed and reported the same problem last night. Hopefully they fix it soon as this is holding up deploying bot management for us.

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Thanks. I spent two+ hours thinking it was something with the domain hosting the custom pages, or something wrong with my custom page code, or some WAF setting, who knows. I just noticed today that it says “custom_paes”. Wish I noticed that yesterday. So strange that a typo like this would make it past testing or staging.

Issue has been resolved. Thanks.

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