Getting 550 email error on domain after moving to Cloudflare

I changed over our name server to Cloudflare this past Friday, and Monday we noticed that we are getting Undeliverable email errors with the following.

550 5.7.1 Message detected as spam. [1618278534-279856]

Where is the email getting stopped at, and being considered spam. Can this be managed in the DNS settings?

It could be that your DNS isn’t properly set up for spam protection. Try sending a test message to the address at this site:

It should test your message for proper DNS settings.

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May I suggest you to check article form below if it could be related to your issue?:

Thanks sdayman, I got a really poor score. I see that our old nameserver carried over a SPF record to their name. It is a TXT record type. We also added a new SPF type record for a seperate issue relating to mail relaying from our distribution software.

The report from Mail tester showed the TXT record as our SPF record which makes me wonder if that record should be deleted now that we are not using that nameserver.

Thanks fritexvz, I reviewed the video. Our emails are working fine other than they are triggering as spam in certain instances.

I deleted the old TXT spf record.

I made the correction of using a TXT record instead of a SPF record as was recommended.

We are still gettign the 550 5.7.1 Message detected as spam error. Any other suggestions are appreciated.

I did notice that the A type records that carried over from our old name server in our DNS have IP addresses called out. Should these have been deleted and reconfigured? Specifically the Type A Name “Mail” record as an IPv4 address. Thanks

There is a #tutorials on that as well

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Thanks cloonan, my emails are getting a spam trigger but they are not gettign through to the recipients email spam folder. They are undeliverable.

I do learn something every time someone replies. I do not have a DKIM record. The tutorial implied that I can get it from our email host.

Yes - any respectable email host serious about staying up-to-date on email standards should provide spf and DKIM information to you to add to your DNS. Without them, email hosts can’t verify that emails that say they’re from your domain are actually sent by you.


Thanks Judge, I’ll request it.

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