Getting 525 error on the website

I’m facing 525 error on the website error like SSL handshake failed. I’m attaching the screenshot for your information. I have purchased godaddy SSL and namerserver pointed to cloudfare. Now godaddy was down 3 days ago and they restored the server but since then i’m facing this issue. it doesn’t come always but when i check some post it comes. Images are not loading properly.

The cloudfare settings:

what should i select if i don’t want to use godaddy certificate and settings on cloudflare?

You need a certificate on your server otherwise the site cannot be secure.

Just configure a valid certificate on your server and the issue will be fixed.

Hi Sandro,

thanks you for reply.

I talked to Godaddy they’re saying i need to check with cloudflare. do i changed back to cloudflare nameserver then ask them to install the certificate?

That is incorrect information I am afraid. Only your host can handle your server certificate and you need to talk to them.

The fact they were referring you to a third party (even though they should know better) means they either do not care or they do not know, in both cases it would be a good idea to switch host as they obviously are not good at what they are doing.

The only thing Cloudflare could do is issue an Origin certificate which you then have to install on your server. Please use the search for details on that.

Hi Sandro,

I could do itself but i don’t have access of the server. they’re contioulsy saying contact to cloudflare. i will change hosting asap. Godaady sucks now. Could you please help on this?
i don’t want to use goddady crtificate once it’s fixed. what options should i use on SSL settings.

As I said, you need a valid certificate on your server. That’s all. You either talk to your host about it or configure it yourself if you can.

i got that.
what settings should i use on cloudflare to use SSL instead of godaddy?

Ehm, maybe I was not clear enough. There is no “instead”, you need the certificate on your host.

No, I’m saying i want to use only cloudflare cerificate so what settings do i select? i’m just fed of up godaddy they’re still saying to use godaddy nameserver.

We are going in circles. As I said four times so far that won’t work. Install a certificate on your server and the 525 will get fixed. Otherwise it won’t.

Whether you do this with your current host or another one does not matter.

Not sure what is not clear about that.

This is reply from their

So when you have using could fare nameservers there is a delay in response that is effecting it and possible reasons also might be site loading time from third party nameservers and max database concurrent connection also

None of that makes sense or is even related.

I would suggest you first change host as you seemingly don’t get anywhere with them.

Still, you need a proper certificate on your host. My suggestion would be to pause Cloudflare and first get your host running on HTTPS without the proxies and only switch once that works.

Okay I will pause cloudflare and changing back to godaddy nameserver and once it’s started working fine. i will again change nameserver back to cloudflare. do i need to start cloudflare first before changing the nameserver? or i can start it. once i changed the nameserver on godaddy.

If you pause you do not need to change the nameservers as everything will point straight to them. I would advise against changing the nameservers, just pause Cloudflare.

Okay i will pause clodflare and rest settings are same. currently nameserver is godaddy.
is it okay?

If you changed the nameservers already Cloudflare is not active in the first place, but then this whole discussion becomes obsolete.

But DNS entry was there and same settings.
Thanks for reply and help.

Which entry? Either your domain uses Cloudflare or it does not.

Right now it does not, hence I am not sure what we are discussing. Furthermore, the site already loads via HTTPS, so there must be a certificate.

What exactly is your question then?

All DNS settings were there on cloudflare when i changed the nameserver back to godaddy.
i’m still seeing cloudflare certificate.

Ehm, so your question is why a Cloudflare certificate shows up?

That is quite different from what you originally wrote.