Getting 524 errors but host company convinced server is fine?


Hey guys, first-time poster.

I’ve had (free) CF installed for years on my sites and I’ve rarely had a problem.

However in the last two weeks I’ve started to get some 524 error messages and that hideous CF error page it shows when it says the request timed out.

I’ve read up on 524 errors, about how CF waits up to 100 seconds for a response, and there’s no way the pages affected should (or do) take anything close to 100 seconds to respond.

I’ve talked to my host people and they’re convinced everything is fine on the server. I pay for a decent VPS, not shared, and they’ve sent me the charts and reports supposedly showing everything is fine.

This being the case, CF is the only possible culprit. Has anyone else seen 500 errors and discovered that the issue, despite what CF says, is not the server but actually CF?

Is there any reason to believe this situation might improve if I paid for a CF account rather than using the free version?

Many thanks in advance,

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These charts are not necessarily an indicator whether the server might not still block Cloudflare.

Upgrading to a paid plan should not help you in this regard, your support response times should improve however. What is the domain for starters and do you have anything in your logs when these connections time out, not necessarily for the connection in question but any hints whether you have a high system load at these times?


Thanks for the reply. Various domains, all on the same server but served by different WHM accounts.

The logs my server people sent me show normal traffic.This image shows monitoring when I initially reporeted the problem (on one of several occasions) and they sent this back. At this time, CF was still active.

They told me to remove CF so they could do more monitoring sans CF. After that, they sent me a second image (which I can’t post here due to new user restrictions - but I’ve linked it here.)

The first image was after my initial report, while the second was after I had bypassed CF for a while to see if we could isolate the problem.

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I am afraid these graphs do not say much. Technically you wouldnt need to disable Cloudflare for them to monitor the server. Considering the know the origin they could monitor it while your domain is still on Cloudflare.

That being said, right now your site does go through Cloudflare and it does load. Is there a specific URL where you experience the issue or some other pattern? Both could point towards some issues on your server.

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It’s any URL that requires server communication, i.e. where CF can’t serve a cached response.

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No offence, but I am not going to go URL hunting :wink: You’d need to post the URL in question.

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I didn’t mean to send you URL hunting; I just meant there were myriad URLs, not a specific one.

But a specific one would be the login endpoint on any of the sites, e.g.

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